Prof. George Lovrecz

PhD Scientific Advisor

Professor George Lovrecz worked as a Senior Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO Manufacturing Business Unit, with over 30 years experience in fermentation, specialising in mammalian cell culture. He joined CSIRO in 1995 as the Head of the Fermentation Group in Parkville where he provided expertise in the area of large-scale production, optimisation, development and characterisation of recombinant proteins for internal and external research collaborators both for academic and industrial projects. Until his recent retirement, George was the leader of the Protein Production and Fermentation Research Team/Group which has a proven track record in applying skills and expertise to design expression systems, manipulating a wide range of host cells and developing large-scale production methods to provide recombinant proteins and/or cell fragments for numerous internal and external academic researchers and industry partners. George has an exemplary track-record in identifying external opportunities and establishing and maintaining good relationships with academic and commercial partners such as Monash, Sydney and Melbourne Universities; CRCs – Cancer Therapeutics and Cytokines & Growth Factors; commercial partners including PeptechPharmaxisAgenixCytopia, Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) and Arana. In the last five years George worked with over 60 partners in Australia and overseas collaborators including the PATH/Gates Foundation, Serum Institute of India, CEVA, Patrys, Prima BioMed, and Tunitas. George is currently an Adjunct Professor and Lecturer at RMIT, Monash University, and University of Melbourne.