New Director to Support COVID Vaccine Development at Sementis

April 2021

Adelaide-based Australian biotechnology company Sementis has appointed internationally-renowned Dr Anna Lavelle as an Independent Director. 

Dr Lavelle was named among the world’s 100 most influential people in global life sciences by Scientific American Worldview in 2015. She was featured alongside fellow geneticist Craig Venter, who led the first sequence of the human genome, as well as Bill and Melinda Gates. 

Dr Lavelle leads Australia’s research-based medicines industry as the current Chair of Medicines Australia. She is a former CEO of AusBiotech, the national industry association for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors, and an experienced non-executive director. 

Dr Lavelle brings to the Sementis board substantial experience in corporate governance in addition to specialist biotechnology and pharmaceuticals expertise. 

Sementis is currently partnering with the University of South Australia in the development of a next-generation Covid-19 vaccine based on the Sementis Copenhagen Vector (SCV) platform. 

The Sementis vaccine is intended to provide an Australian-owned and developed vaccine technology, complementing the existing vaccines being rolled out nationally and contributing to global solutions to Covid-19. 

Chair of Sementis, Mr Martyn Evans, said: “Dr Lavelle brings an extraordinary wealth of experience and knowledge to our work at Sementis in developing world-leading vaccines. 

“She will be of great assistance in bringing a clear focus on the strategic priorities for the company and our milestones going forward. I welcome Dr Lavelle to the board and look forward to working with her.”