Sementis’ quest for an Australian second-generation COVID-19 vaccine

October 2021

A South Australian start-up biotech company, Sementis Limited, has joined the global quest to develop a second-generation COVID-19 vaccine using their proprietary viral-vector vaccine platform technology, in partnership with the University of South Australia. 

The vaccine candidate is anticipated to be effective against mutant strains of COVID-19. The team is led  by Chief Executive Officer Leanne Hobbs, a seasoned vaccine industry expert who is also an Adjunct Senior Industry Fellow at University of South Australia, and Chief Scientific Officer Professor John Hayball, an immunologist and organic chemist who is Head of the Experimental Therapeutics Laboratory at University of South Australia.  Find out more about their plans for clinical trials, large-scale manufacturing in Australia, and the company’s collaborations with Australian and international experts. Leanne and John also discuss their different international career journeys, bringing their skills home to Australia, and how those valuable experiences have set them up to now contribute an Australian solution to the global fight against COVID-19.

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