• Board of Directors

Brett Davies

Non-Executive Director

Brett has a wealth of international business expertise, cultivated through the establishment of Club Assist in 1991. Pioneered by Brett himself, the concept took shape, and by 1992, Club Assist launched in Victoria, spearheading a battery replacement service in collaboration with RACV.

The trajectory of success continued as Club Assist broadened its reach, engaging with various motoring clubs. In a pivotal move in 2001, RACV and NRMA acquired half of the business. Under Brett’s leadership as CEO and Chairman, the company underwent a transformative phase.

With Brett at the helm, the company embarked on a global expansion, offering a diverse range of products and services to 75 motoring clubs. The workforce swelled to over 600 employees, complemented by a network of 3,000 contractors. Club Assist emerged as an international powerhouse in the industry, firmly establishing its presence across the globe.

Through the growth of the business, Brett has honed his expertise in several areas including negotiating complex contractual agreements, licensing, and tax structures both domestically and internationally, as well as; corporate governance; owner/operator agreements; dispute resolution; and has always strived to keep people and morale at the forefront of company culture.

Brett retired from his position as Executive Chairman of Club Assist and in 2018 sold his remaining shares. Now, Brett is focused on creating positive impact in the world, fishing, watching football, horse racing (he owns a racing complex in Mornington), and most importantly spending quality time with his friends and family. In addition, Brett also owns 12 Zambreros stores with his business partner, which boasts over 200 employees around Victoria.